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HF LINEAR AMPLIFIER for mobile or portable operation qrp etc.


Power supply: 12-16V / 10A

Freq: 1.8-30MHz

RF input: 0-10w

RF output: 0-110w

Idq: 400mA

All modes

Class AB push pull mosfet

IN/OUT: 50ohm

MOSFET 4xIRF510 included



- 12V Voltage -

IN: 1W ---> OUT: 25W Current: 5.1A

IN: 5W ---> OUT: 55W  Current: 6.8A

IN: 10W ---> OUT: 70W Current 7.7A


-13.8V VOLTAGE -

IN: 1W ---> OUT: 27W Current: 5.3A

IN: 5W ---> OUT: 75W Current: 8.4A

IN: 10W --- OUT: 90W Current: 8.7A



IN: 1W ---> OUT: 30W Current: 5.4A

IN: 5W ---> OUT: 95W Current: 9.5A

IN: 10W ---> OUT: 110W Current: 10.5A


Board is assembled as in photos. Will need to add heatsink and set bias current.


Board size: 130x80mm


Video test





HF linear amplifier board for 12V mobile/portable/QRP 1.8-30MHz

85,00 €Price
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